At the Home Ground I'm inspired by the simple beauty of nature.

I believe that handmade objects make our lives more meaningful,

and I love finding the beauty in imperfection.

late summer beauty


Inspired by | Mineral Specimens

February 18, 2015

Last Thursday, I was lucky enough to attend Cranbrook Institute of Science's 2nd After Dark event. Once a month, they invite adults into the museum for an evening of cocktails, food, and science demonstrations, plus run of the museum. It was my first time there (I had been to the art museum but not the Institute of Science), and it definitely won't be my last. With the big move (house photos to come!), I didn't have enough time to make jewelry to sell at the event (the museum shop has a collection of my work for sale anyway), so I brought along my new huge order of soap. I infused that entire area of the museum with the smell of... Continue Reading →

Adventures in the North

September 21, 2014

  Sometimes, you have a weekend that is actually long enough, that is so full of excitement and inspiration that you feel fulfilled on Sunday night, not desperate for just a little more time. Last weekend was such. Eric, Charr and I all got in the car (along with our camping stuff and the Home Ground wares and supplies) and drove up to Empire, MI. The drive was long, dark, and rainy. Solid rain for the last couple of hours, in which we then had the pleasure of setting up our tent. We did manage to get all settled, despite the unwavering rain, the single flashlight to spli between the two of us, and a sad, wet Charr. We were... Continue Reading →

On the Loom Again

September 05, 2014

 It's been a couple of years since I've had my Mighty Wolf loom unfolded and warped. I actually had to watch a few videos on Youtube to remember the little details or prepping a warp and warping the loom. For shame! But, I did it. I got started. And it feels so freaking awesome. It's been too long since I've thought in terms of warp and weft, reed and heddle. I have faint memories of weaving with my mom on her big floor loom when I was really young. I often wonder how much those memories and experiences influence my love for weaving. I do love the feeling of participating in a craft that was taught and learned and perfected... Continue Reading →