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We are Maria and Chad, the crafty and artful couple behind the keyboard. We are currently living in beautiful California and taking advantage of all things California has got to offer. 

Our outdoor home space is absolutely one of our favorite spot to be. We love spending time outdoor entertaining friends and family, swimming in the pool, and growing our own edible garden. Because nothing tastes better than farm to table. When we are not working, you sure can find us lounging or doing something in our backyard. 


Maria is a home stylist who helps homeowners decorate their homes. Whether it is to help clients uncover their personal style, design a tricky space, or turn their house into a home, Maria can help clients create their dream home. When Maria is not working, she loves to spend time in the garden. 


Chad is a contractor who loves building and fixing properties. Whether it is building a house or fixing properties, Chad is up for any task. When Chad is not working, you sure can find him somewhere around the house fixing or improving something. 

The Home Ground

The Home Ground is a place where we can combine our passion and hobby all together. It allows us to have fun and be creative. It started out as us sharing our DIYs with our friends and family, and we now we are ready to share it with you. 

At The Home Ground, you will find DIY projects we did for our home, projects we worked on for others, gardening tips, decorating ideas, and home improvement tips. If there is something specific you would like to see, send us an email at info@thehomeground.com or comment below!

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